Interoperable Medical Tech

Revolutionize remote care through integrated IoMT and IoT technologies that streamline data sharing and enhance medical outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring

NÜPA™ Wearable

This multi-vital device monitors your vital signs in real time with a medical-grade wearable and integrated mobile application, so you can have complete control over your health. Available in 4G with SIM CARD and Bluetooth without SIM CARD
Wearable - 4G & BLE

NÜPA™ Pharmaceutical Platform

NÜPA™ Pharmacy On-the-Go

An interactive device embedded with the pharmaceutical platform. It is powered by Intel™ Edge Computing and Cognitive IoT technology to collect, process, and confidentially transfer powerful data to healthcare providers with the use of analytics at the edge, security at the edge, encryption engines, and ambient intelligence at scale.
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IoT For Hospital/Clinic use

NÜPA™ Emotion Recognition Tool

Advanced emotion recognition, featuring AI-powered technologies. It provides a deeper understanding of patients emotional responses.

Compliant with Canadian data privacy standards.
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NÜPA™ Point of Care

Portable Medical

Step into the future of personalized healthcare. Through seamless integration of an array of medical technologies that enable you to monitor your vital signs at your convenience. Collected data is delivered to your connected healthcare providers in real-time within the NÜPA™ Digital Health Ecosystem.

For Healthcare Services

How do we keep our
technology fast,
safe, reliable & private?

Using a Private Mesh Network made up of Azure Stack Hub, Intel Edge Computing, 4G/5G Antena and VPN. All under one Interoperable NÜPA™ Health Ecosystem.
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