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Short Summary

Baüne™ offers an open solution for monetizing the full potential of 5G services, IoT, Ambient Intelligence, smart spaces, the digital ecosystem and the subscription economy. Baüne™ helps clients take full advantage of today’s emerging business models and be ready to capture new streams of revenue opportunities.


  • World’s first 5G, IoT, Edge Mesh, AI ecosystem built for any business
  • Patent pending technology; high-margin services & licensing business model
  • Early deployment in pilots with retailers, healthcare and expanding to telco
  • Early revenue coming from equipment setup and advertising
  • Bootstrapped and raised $0.6M in non-dilutive funding

The Problem

How do you sell and stay connected with your customers as anyone does ?

As we progress into the automated and highly complicated world of artificial intelligence, IoT and connectivity, securely deploying closer to the users of the data, whether human or machine, is critical.

The Solution

Putting the Internet of Thing to work

Purposefully bringing smarter “things together with analytics, security, data, connectivity and integration platforms to make the disparate parts work seamlessly with each other."

Businesses need Baüne’s Hybrid - 5G, IoT, Edge AI – Distributed Ecosystem for:

  • Applications agnostic to sell and stay connected with users, anywhere, at anytime​
  • Fast connectivity and high capacity allow users to access content and communicate in real time​
  • Take into consideration population growth areas and the proximity to where data originates
  • Distributes intelligence allowing distributed and local decision-making within the network
  • Delivering and receiving this wealth of data from distributed locations to maximize on the infrastructure​
  • Users will continue to consume data through mobile devices at an explosive pace​
  • Creating new business, consumer services and monetization of data for telcos and property owners


  • Content Delivery
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Mobility
  • Smart Cities

fundraising Goals

Fund growth of​ services and license programs over the next 24 months

1.5M Pre-Series A​

$3.5M Series A
​(12 months later)

    Pre-Series A preferred structure: ​​SAFE or convertible debt instrument​

    Baüne Timeline

    The Team

    Aurélien Balondona

    Founder and CVO
    - Vision
    - ​Engineering


    Darine Ameyed  

    Co-Founder, CSO/CTO
    -Research and Development
    -Technology Integration


    Andrea Galindo

    Co-Founder, CDO
    - Data Insight​
    - Cybersecurity, Privacy


    Satya Das

    Strategic Advisor @ Cambridge Strategies Inc ​


    Gary Biasini​

    Entrepreneur with a specialty in income tax law at Moodys Tax LLP


    Ken Jackowitz​

    Experienced retail executive;  Advisor to AI/ML companies​


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