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We transform
your retail into
a 24/7 touchless
powerful store
Baüne’s Powerful Engine Makes Multi-Services A Reality. Bringing retailers and shoppers
into a single frictionless platform
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Use Case Benefits
For  Retailers
For shoppers
For Business Content Delivery

For Retailers

Our on-the-go kiosks can be loaded with a variety of products, providing a new retailing space with limitless opportunities to reach new markets, and increase sales.
We take 0% in any Sales Transactions. Simply, own and load the machine with any product you wish.
Retail Features:
  • Mobile & Cashless with our mobile app and QR Codes
  • High Speed Connectivity for all users in proximity
  • 50/55 inch responsive touchscreen
  • Centralized Inventory Management, dynamic and interactive
  • Allowing a multitude of Advertisements

For Shoppers

Use Mobile app to buy product then locate your nearest kiosk and pick up when ever you want!
Our technology provides users free, secured WIFI Hotspots equipped with high speed connectivity ( 4G / 5G ) so you are always connected during your journey. Charge your phone with our smart kiosks and never get lost or disconnected again.
Retail Features:
  • Kiosk has an Interactive Display so you can learn more about what product or service grabs your attention.
  • 24/7 Retailing for your convenience
  • Online payments so you never lose money on a transaction
  • Edge Security which encrypts your data for a safe transaction

For Business Content Delivery

24/7 Interactive Advertisements to increase customer engagement for any company.
Unlock new revenue from Digital-out-of-Home market & PAID WIFI ADVERTISING.
Reach larger audiences in outdoor and public spaces and target the right audience with our smart sensors.
Measure results and  refine strategies with Big Data Analytics so you can increase the impact of advertising efforts.
LIPK™ supports 4G, 5G, so you can seamlessly connect with your customers through Last-mile delivery connectivity.
55” Outdoor/Indoor LED Display

Smart Vision


Using transaction data & demographic information from the vision sensor at the moment of transaction.


Programmatically triggered ads when vision sensor identifies a target consumer near the kiosk.


Using eye-tracking technology to see what/where people look at (such as displays) and for how long.


When a consumer stops at the kiosk, emotion recognition technology enables the kiosk to deliver a highly personalized message.
launch the best digital ad campaign
Target the right audience triggered by data
Measuring the effectiveness of the advertisement
PIPEDA (Canada), CCPA (California) and GDPR (European Union)
PIPEDA (Canada), CCPA (California) and GDPR (European Union)


Use Case Documentation
LIPK Retail Kiosk datasheet
Third-party Technology
Partner Technology

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