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A Smarter Mobility network

Baüne’s powerful xGloop™ engine delivers omnichannel Connectivity. Retrofitting bus shelters with smart kiosks & adding connectivity to buses for a smoother travel experience. Helping you stay connected and informed with all information at your fingertips.

"I want to expand my audiences"
"I Want to extend personalized service to anyone"
"I want to change the user experience to keep users engaged"
"I would like new revenue strategies"
I want real-time data to be automatically analyzed
"I want to understand my users behaviour"
"I want to improve work productivity"
"I want faster and more seamless connectivity"

Mobility Vision Benefits


Offer Edge Connectivity for All.
Improve your daily commute with 5G-ready connectivity & real-time travel information. Platform is integrating with ambient intelligence, IoT, Edge AI computing, distributed computing and privacy for all data generated.


Reach Large Audiences.
Capture / keep customer attention in outdoor and public spaces.


Unlock New Revenue Streams.
Target the right audience, at the right time and at the same time leverage hotspot to promote business.

Baüne's Moblity Ecosystem

xGloop™ is a Network Platform that retrofits existing bus shelters with smart kiosks to provide users with a hyper-connected network, incorporating the strictest privacy and compliance requirements for any market, including: Retail, Healthcare, Universities, Municipalities and Transportation.

Features that Enhance Mobility Infrastructure

Smart & Integrated
Cloud management,
remotely manageable,
from a single web
centralized dashboard
City information on
mobility, transportation
and quality of life
is accessible to all.
4G / 5G technologies
with 1GB WiFi capacity
and fast download speed
IT service environment
and cloud-computing capabilities at the edge of the network

Baüne Technologies used in Mobility Solution

Context awareness
ambient intelligence
5g edge connectivity
cognitive (IoT)
Security at the edge
data analytics at the edge

All Verticals