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Sell to Anyone, Anywhere.

Intelligent Kiosks offer Retailing & Advertising that connects consumers with products they want, when and where they need it.

"I want to target the right audience triggered by data"
"I Want a personalized service"
"I need to sell 24/7 in a way no one else does"
"I wnat to save money and bring new revenue "
"I want to expand my audiences"
"I want to understand my users behaviour"
"I want to interact with customers Wherever they go "
"I want faster and more seamless Connectivity"

Retailing Vision Benefits

01 : Retail Products

Reach A Larger Audience.
Increase product/service exposure with a single, frictionless platform placed in locations that fit your business needs.

02 : Content Delivery

Target The Right Audience.
Advanced ambient intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) services help you find your ideal customers.

03 : Edge Connectivity

Connect with Your Audience.
Providing secure, ultra-fast, 5G connectivity to nearby users so they can learn more about your products/services.

Baüne's Retail Ecosystem

Shaping a future where everyone has better choices, wherever they are. Load Kiosks with any product and sell anywhere!

Baüne Technologies used in Mobility Solution

Context awareness
ambient intelligence
5g edge connectivity
cognitive (IoT)
Security at the edge
data analytics at the edge

All Verticals