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Smart Kiosk


What are key features or capabilities?

+ Integrated Digital Thermometer
+ Contactless Dispensation
+ AI Driven
+ Real-Time monitoring and reporting
+ 55 inch HD touchscreen 3A compliant for PSA or programmatic advertising
+ Edgeless Connectivity – 4G/5G
+ Remote Inventory Management
+ Visual and physical Multi-tenancy
+ Edge computing and cloud
+ Active Management
+ Technology
+ and more!

What are the standard dimensions?

Size: 1872 x 1163.5 x 911 mm, Weight: 300 kg

Is the kiosk refrigerated?

Yes but you have the choice to not use that at your convenience.

How does the kiosk operate?

On a retailing standpoint of view, Baune Smart kiosks have powerful processing capability—enabled by Intel® technology—taking place at the edge rather than in the cloud, which means retailers can use real-time analytics to sell and manage their inventory remotely.

How sales and transactions are completed?

Sales / transactions are frictionless and contactless/touchless – using mobile application and digital wallet – is done in less than five (5) steps remotely or four (4) steps at the kiosk. Remotely on the mobile app, the user finds the nearby kiosks, explores the available product of a specific kiosk, select the product(s) based on product information and interest, proceed to checkout using digital wallet, and collect later at the kiosk using the QR Code Scanner. At the kiosk, user scans the QR code to display the products within the kiosk, explores the available product of a specific kiosk, select the product(s) based on product information and interest, proceed to checkout by scanning the cashless QR Code, and collect the item(s).

Which Markets does the smart kiosk Apply?

+ Airports
+ Bars & Restaurants
+ Bus stops & transit stations
+ Conventions center
+ Golf Club
+ Hotels and Resorts
+ Offices
+ Parks
+ Recreational center
+ Retails & Malls
+ Schools & Universities
+ Smart Cities
+ Etc.

Can the smart kiosk be outdoors?

Smart Kiosks have been engineered with the Canadian winter conditions in mind and can withstand -40 Degrees Celsius. To protect the kiosk against the water or rain, an enclosure similar to bus stop will be required.

What does it cost to have a Smart kiosk?

Smarts kiosk require a one time fee and a monthly flat subscription fee for platform maintenance. Fill out our contact form for more information on pricing.

Are there other costs or fees associated with having a Smart kiosk?

Yes! The additional cost and fees are:
a) transaction fee between the payment gateway and your bank account
b) as required monthly rental cost to the landlord where your kiosk(s) will be placed
c) as required utilities and internet connectivity
d) as required any overhead and operational cost as needed by your retail operation

What is the minimum and maximum number of kiosks that a retailer can have per location?

The number will vary based on the location, the product sold, the retail hours, the retailers, etc.

What is the minimum and maximum duration I should have a kiosk per location?

The number will vary based on some factors, but the minimum is 1 year and the maximum is 5 years

What is the lead time to ship to my address?

It will take around 4-12 weeks to deliver upon order confirmation, subject to stock availability and assuming no customization.

Can the kiosks accept cash payment?

Smart kiosks use cashless payment and accept mobile payment. No cash or coins.

Can I change the content on the screen such as the product photos?

Yes, you can manage all your product photos and contents from your account cloud easily.

The kiosk settings (price changes, images, product details, etc) can also be configured remotely?

Yes, all these are done from the Cloud remotely and synced to your vending kiosk based on your settings.

Is it possible to see (in the case where the machine no longer sells) why it no longer sells (network, mechanical problem, electronic problem ….) as well as the reason of failure??

Whenever there is an abnormal situation occurred, like no sales for some time, you will be alerted in the dashboard. If there is any problem related to the machines detected such as payment device error and so on, you should also receive machine event alert from the Cloud. Same for mechanical problem if it’s detected, you will receive alert as well. All the possible error messages that we can get from the machine will be visible from the Cloud. Take note that reasons of failure is normally not straight-forward. But most of the customers can know what parts to bring to the vending kiosk for repair/servicing when they knew the errors upfront. It helped them save lots of precious time and trip cost to attend to the Smart kiosk.

Can the smart kiosk provide any customization?

Yes. We can provide customizations based on your requirements, subject to a one-time development and integration cost. You may let us know what is the storyboard (for UI customization), process flow and detailed requirements for your project. Along the way, we may also provide some suggestions based on your project.

Can we export or download the sales reports from Cloud?

Yes, you can export and download sales report to HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV or Text from your Cloud Account.

I am a first-time user, can I have a training for the platform?

Yes. Absolutely we can provide the training. We can also arrange the remote training over the internet.

What are the languages supported on Baunes Retail Platform?

The platform can support any languages. By default, English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Chinese are readily available but any other languages can be translated.

Retailing wise, what is the cancellation or termination policy?

We are committed to your satisfaction and understand that sometimes cancellations are necessary. We pride ourselves on being understanding, accommodating and fair.

The below retail cancellation policy was crafted to balance the interests of both the retailers, our advertisers and partners. Last-minute cancellations can hurt.

A retailer’s ability to initiate a cancellation is driven by two-time factors:
1. When the cancellation is requested.
2. The Schedule’s advertising start date.

Healthcare side, how are my medications dispensed?

Step 1: Get a prescription.
Step 2: Use our Nupa App to purchase.
Step 3: Go to closest Smart Nupa Kiosk
Step 4:  Collect your product.

Note: Drug dispense is overseen by pharmacists/physicians with e-scripts so medicine / medical supplies can be administered safely. at time of collection


What does it cost to advertise ?

Advertisements are sold in 10-seconds increments called ad plays. The price of an ad play is driven by the location of 50in/55in Touchscreen and will vary from location to location. The more ad plays you purchase, the cheaper the unit cost. There are no hidden fees and subscriptions can be on a Pay-as-you-go, Volume discounts or Committed-use discounts.

What are the main differences between subscriptions ?

Pay-as-you-go: Simple usage-based pricing means you don’t get locked into a contract.

Volume discounts: Discounts trigger as your usage grows, so you always get a fair price.

Committed-use discounts: Talk with our sales team for access to greater discounts when you commit to usage.

What file types are supported for advertising content?

Advertising supports the following photo file formats: .jpg, .png. We also support the following video formats: .mp4, .mpeg, .avi, .mov.

If I don't have expertise to create the advertisement content, can Baune assist me?

Absolutely! One of our design specialists will work with you to create the perfect artwork. Email us at startwith@baune.ca for more information.

When I assign content to a screen, how long does it take to receive approval or feedback?

Response times will vary, you will typically receive a response within one hour if your content was uploaded and assigned during Baune business hours. But don’t worry, we will make sure it gets reviewed quickly.

Which payment methods do you support?

Our main payment method is credit card. For certain advertisers/entities, Net30 terms may be available. For more information, please email us at accounting@baune.ca

Will there be free Ad-spots for Not-for-profit?

Certified not-for-profit organizations that meet a set criteria are encouraged to fill out an assistance request form for qualification in order to receive free advertising. If selected there is an opportunity to have one (1) free-ad per organization

What is Baunes cancellation policy for advertising?

We are committed to your satisfaction and understand that sometimes cancellations are necessary. We pride ourselves on being understanding, accommodating and fair.The below Lipk cancellation policy was crafted to balance the interests of both Advertisers and partners. Due to the limited availability of Screen slots and spots, last-minute cancellations hurt, as Lipk likely results in the screens locations inability to sell the spots to other Advertisers.

An advertiser’s ability to initiate a cancellation or refund is driven by two-time factors:
1. When the cancellation is requested.
2. Your Schedule’s start date.

What does it cost to have a Smart kiosk?

Smart kiosk are free but monthly flat subscription fee are required for the platform maintenance.


Is it free to connect with Xgloop?

Yes, we provide instant connectivity to anyone near our Smart Kiosks.

What radius does XGLOOP reach?

200-500 meter radius

Does it cost to have XGLOOP connectivity?

No, the costs are included with the purchase of the product.

Whats the difference between 5G and 4G Wifi?

5G can be 10-100 times faster than 4G networks as it features lower latency, higher capacity and increased bandwidth. Delivering a higher level of performance so that anyone near our smart technology has the ability to stay connected.

Smart Watch

How do I set up my Nüpa wearable?

Step 1. Download the Nüpa app      
Step 2. Make sure Bluetooth is on
Step 3. Choose device identified in App and connect to your Nüpa smart watch.

How do I restart my Nupa Wearable?

Find the settings icon by swiping up or swipe right from home to find the More icon. Click on Reset Icon to reset immediately.

How do I monitor my health?

Simple download the Nüpa application, login, sync your device and the wearable will automatically begin to track your heart, sleep patterns, steps and many other. Some applications must be manually entered in order to track such as sports, BMI and wellness.

How long is the battery life?

10 days battery life with one time charge

How do I set up my measurements?

Measurements can only be set up through the Nüpa App.

How does Nüpa Smart Watch track my process?

Nüpa Smart watch is self-learning and adaptive, with smart apps that record real-time data and automatically transfer clinical documentation to your healthcare provider. All measurable data can be stored for up to 30 days in the watch for increased analysis.

Will my health provider monitor my health at all times?

Yes, the device is linked with a formal healthcare system. Your healthcare provider is able to track and monitor your vitals at all times, helping them make a better diagnosis on your health.

What does Nüpa monitor?

o  Body temperature
o  Blood pressure
o  Blood oxygen
o  Heart rate
o  Steps
o  Sleep
o  Cycles
o  Calories
o  Multisport
o  BMI
o  Breath training
o  Wellness/stress
o  Calls/messages
o  SOS
o  Find phone