Times are changing and retail is changing to keep pace. The pandemic and the social shift that accompanied it have affected businesses in different ways. The retail space is becoming become nimble, parting with tried-and-true methods for securing sales that no longer make sense in the post-pandemic world. The demand for safe shopping and for contactless interaction has driven the need for new solutions to old models of interaction in the retail space.

Baüne® is responding to customer demands by crafting retail solutions for products and goods delivery that is accessible where, when, and how customers want them. The key to our success is the next-generation intelligence that is used in every solution that they have created. Our most recent innovation is reinventing retail with a partnership between Intel and the Baüne® Smart Kiosk.


A Versatile Platform For Every Need

Our Baüne®  kiosk is used in every application. They’re useful in healthcare, retail, and the food and beverage space.

Our kiosks deliver smart functions and features, typical of Intel’s performance, they are fully equipped with customizable and effective interfaces and features and functions for all your needs.

Automate retail processes or set up cashless, touch-less, and contactless servicing for your consumer base. These solutions all offer reduced costs to you as the business owner, improved customer experience, loyalty, protection and safety for staff and consumers interacting with the kiosk and by extension, with your business.

Baüne® offers you the chance to make it clear that you care about customer safety and health and that you are in the business of crafting solutions for their safety on a daily basis.

Additional Benefits and Functions

The Baüne® kiosk offers real time inventory management and much more!

Our Kiosk increases your footprint, with the benefit of a hybrid experience that includes personal and virtual contact for increased customer satisfaction and ease of transactions and interactions.

Our Kiosk enables you to effectively target the right audience for your sales, conversions and inquiries. You can access the Intel power behind the functionality in each Baüne® kiosk, insuring the experience is seamless and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Our Kiosks enable HIPAA compliance in your processing and make sure that privacy and other aspects of the experience of interacting with the device are protected. The digital marketplace needs to be increasingly aware of the risks for security and personal information theft that come along with digital shopping in all forms. The Baüne® kiosk ensures security and privacy for your enterprise and your customers.  

Increase Engagement, Transactions & Interactions

The Baüne® kiosk offers your customers real time health assistance, and information transfer in a seamless and secure way unmatched by other technologies.

If you’d like to learn more about the Baüne® kiosk, please send us an email here!

For a deeper dive into our technology partnership with Intel, please click here to read our business brief or Here for the French version

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