• Vision Sensor
  • Thermal Vision Sensor
  • 55 Inch HD touchscreen
  • Speakers
  • QR code display
  • Kiosk locker system
  • Cloud technology/ Edge computing technology
  • Network & XGLOOP Connectivity
  • BLE Beacon Technology
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-fi / wifi-6
  • Hotspot and Relay
  • Network (4G/5G) for users
  • Infrared detection and anti-theft fetching box
  • Dispensing elevator
  • Size: 1872 x 1163.5 x 911 mm
  • Weight: 300 kg

NÜPA Kiosk Application

Integrated Digital Thermometer
Contactless dispensation
Real-time reports
Mobile App
PPE Monitoring
Patient Monitoring
Privacy Compliance
Core Technologies

Point of Delivery

NÜPA kiosk can be useful in many areas in the health care system. This includes; Hospitals, Clinics, Retirement homes, Ambulatory and Care Facilities (Long Term Care settings / Assistive Living). There is also potential for placement within work paces and remote locations as means to reduce physician visits under a secured, controlled access to the Kiosks.

Controlled Access

Our Intelligent kiosks use a secure, computer-controlled storage unit for dispensing medications. Drug kiosks can be loaded with wellness products, prescription medication, over the counter medication and other helpful health and safety tools.
Drug dispense is overseen by pharmacists/physicians with the use of e-scripts so that medicine / medical supplies can be administered safely and confidentially. Access to the Kiosk is further controlled with the use of facial recognition to identify the right person at the moment of dispense.


Automated functionalities improve the efficiency of our On-the-Go pharmacy, allowing Health care personnel to easily obtain data from clients / residents, interpret the data and act on it accordingly.
  • Prescription verification
  • Insurance verification
  • Limiting medication errors
  • Reducing reimbursement frauds
  • Climate control to increase
    shelf life of medications


 NÜPA Smart Kiosk can reduce the time taken to administer medications / supplies so both the clients and the pharmacists can save time.
All safety and security measures are ensured with the use of our automated intelligent technology, leading to shorter wait times and overall pharmacy satisfaction.

Track / Monitor

With Intelligent and Real-Time
Management, all transaction information made at the Kiosk is collected and maintained so that each transaction can be traced.
NÜPA smart Kiosk can also monitor the vital signs of those nearby to further assist health care personnel in the delivery of care.
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