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Autonomous Healthcare for Anyone, Anywhere

Cyber Medical Space

Our NÜPA™ state-of-the-art medical ecosystem addresses the shortcomings of the physical healthcare delivery system. This cost-efficient solution seamlessly blends online/digital and offline/physical healthcare services to support clinical decision-making.

Digital Health Ecosystem

NÜPA™ Health Ecosystem blends Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), wearables technologies, mobile applications, and collective data based intelligence into a user-friendly online platform that delivers preemptive medicine, remote care, augmented patient management, secure health data collection, and analysis.

Interoperable Medical Technologies

Our NÜPA™ Digital Health Ecosystem is evolving and interoperable, allowing convenient integration of third-party medical technology to safely, securely, and effectively connect and use information from one or more devices, products, technologies, and systems.

Our Company & Trusted Collaborators

BAÜNE™ is a Canadian Tech company registered as an engineering firm in Alberta (APEGA) and telecommunication company with CRTC. As a team with different expertise in engineering, design, space medicine, research, we are re-shaping and building smart technologies using Human-to-Machine interaction (HMI), and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications care.

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