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Medical Operations Challenges During Deep Space Travel

6 Months in a Typical Mission to the ISS
  • Supported by resupply missions as well as the ever-present option of emergency evacuation
2.5 years to Mars in deep space missions
  • Medical support and evacuation will no longer be an option after this period of time.
20 Minute Minimum  Communication Delay
  • Ground-based oversight becomes impractical.
  • Onboard medical facility will need to cover all relevant eventualities during the mission.
What living in space does to an astronaut’s body
Risk Factors

Health Conditions

Psychosomatic & Cognitive

Longer exposure to radiation may harm the brain permanently

• Motion sickness
• Alzheimer disease
• Mental illness

Body Mass & Fluids

• Excess flatulence
• Fluid distribution shifts

• Kidney stones
• Body mass


• Thinner and prone to cuts

• Longer heal time

Cardiovascular System

• Slow blood circulation
• Slow production of red cells

• Cardiac arrhythmia

Immune System

• Cell-mediated immunity is depressed and functional characteristics alter in microgravity

• Cancer
• Nervous systems problem
• Degenerative diseases


• Microgravity deform the eyeballs
• Eyesight becomes poorer

• Cataracts


• Spine expansion

• Skeletal deformation & bone loss
• Bone & soft tissue tumor


• Muscle atrophy

• Changes to the elasticity of ligaments and tendons

The Solution

Gender-Responsive AI-Based Decision-Making Support System (DSS)

Autonomous Health and Wellness Solutions for Astronauts in  Deep Space Missions.

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The Tools

NÜPA™ AstroStrength™

Musculoskeletal Health Monitoring System helping astronauts during deep space exploration to combat microgravity impacts on bone density and muscle mass

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The Company

Our Company & Trusted Collaborators

BAÜNE™ is a Canadian Tech company registered as an engineering firm in Alberta (APEGA) and telecommunication company with CRTC. As a team with different expertise in engineering, design, space medicine, research, we are re-shaping and building smart technologies using Human-to-Machine interaction (HMI), and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications care.

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