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Baüne is the World’s first 5G, IoT, Edge Mesh, AI ecosystem built for any business




Who We Are

Core Values
Integrity, Trust, Passion, Continuous Innovation, Commitment, Entrepreneurship & Teamwork
Our Goal
Create compelling solutions, rooted with a culture of innovation to transform vision into creative technologies and products.
Our Vision
To enable smart living, empowering people and organizations to achieve more through congnitive and human-aware technologies.

What we offer

A Proprietary Distributed Ecosystem integrating 5G+IoT+AI

Baüne has developed a proprietary neutral host architecture enabling organizations to extend the cloud model all the way to the edge for dynamic, fast, and interoperable provisioning of any 5G-based last mile applications and services with ambient intelligence and IoT capabilities.

Our Ecosystem is Service focused with emerging technological advances in edge computing, internet of things, remote management systems, big data analysis, mobile payments, Ambient  Intelligence, blockchain, telecommunications (5G) & Cognitive IoT.
A single, consistent customer journey to seamlessly integrate all service channels, enterprise business models and IoT
A completely de-centralised 3-tier architecture, where compute, storage, intelligence and networking are securely enabled at the core and edge segments.
All services are powered at the Edge with multi-cloud data transfers, end-to-end security and 5G hyper connectivity.

Our Programs

Our business strategies are built on constant development, growth and direct application to create real solutions for our partners, clients , investors and affiliated Research & Development Projects.
Our trustworthy partners expand access to new markets and distribution networks.
R&D Projects
Baüne works with professionals dedicated to expanding our knowledge on new technologies, advances in science and innovative strategies...

Our Founders

Meet a collective of innovative people striving to build delightful products and technologies.