About us

Baüne™ is a Canadian Tech Corporation based in Alberta and operating as an Engineering / Research & Development firm (Permit Holder with APEGA) and registered as telecommunication company with CRTC. Operating also from Ontario and Quebec deploying its smart technologies throughout all of Canada, at Baüne we are passionate, talented, driven, diverse and integrated team of engineers, researchers, designers, product specialists, and salesperson. As a team with different expertise in engineering, design, space medicine, research, we are re-shaping and building smart technologies using Human-to-Machine interaction (HMI), and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications by collaborating with industry players and other professionals.

Our vision is to enable smart living for anyone, anywhere, anytime by empowering people and organizations to achieve more through cognitive and human-aware technologies.

Partners and trusted collaborators

Join an incredible group of diverse professionals working to develop the future of healthcare.

Baüne™ is bringing smart living & healthcare to anyone, anywhere.