About us

Baüne's main technological goal is enabling a Gender-Responsive AI-Based Decision-Making Support System (DSS), a solution for Crew Autonomous Health and Wellness on Deep Space Missions and for people located in remote locations on Earth.

This AI-Based DSS, integrating Predictive modelling, is a set of complex methodologies that involves leveraging advanced mathematical and computational techniques to forecast future occurrences or outcomes. This tool has numerous applications in medicine, yet its full potential remains untapped within this field.

Baüne is a small, but rapidly growing team of engineers, researchers, designers, and product specialists looking to shape the future of smart healthcare and digital retailing ecosystems. We're looking for passionate, talented, driven people to be part of our diverse and integrated team and help re-shaping and building technologies using human-machine and machine-machine interactions.

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Baüne™ is bringing smart living & healthcare to anyone, anywhere.