Innovator @ the Edge Tech Talk

On November 29th, our Chief Engineer, Aurelien Balondona, will be speaking in Intels Innovator @ the Edge Tech Talk. Aurelien will share his view on business trends, challenges and opportunities in the edge market. He will dive into the innovative solutions that Baune brings to solve real world industry problems and how the two companies can join force in order to “Win @ the Edge”.

BAÜNE™ Ecosystem is a Gold Partner in the Intel Partner Alliance.

Solution Information

As a powerful engineering solution, BAÜNE™ provides a state-of-the-art medical ecosystem called NÜPA™. Addressing the shortcomings of the healthcare physical delivery system in remote-like location. Our Cyber-Physical Medical Space is a cost-efficient solution and seamlessly blends online/digital and offline/physical healthcare services. It differentiates itself from any solution on the market by:

  • Including a unique and proprietary Neutral Host architecture that securely makes provisioning of any 4G/5G-based last-mile application, including private wireless network, cloud computing, edge computing, ambient intelligence and IoT, faster, dynamic, and device-interoperability, so that healthcare providers can securely connect, interact, and extend their services to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Integrating sensing, computation, control and networking into physical objects and infrastructure, connecting them to the Internet and to each other.
  • Being augmented with a distributed Digital Health Ecosystem that blends IoMT, wearables technologies, mobile application, and an online platform together delivering preemptive medicine and remote care while predicting the risk of illness and complications.
  • Leveraging an autonomous end-to-end, evolutive and agile solution enabled by AmI and Expert Systems to enable triage of care, timely clinical decision-making, and a holistic remote monitoring of determinants of health or risk factors contributing to chronic diseases and conditions.

Speaker Bio

Aurelien Balondona, Chief Engineer

As a Professional Engineer, Aurelien instills curiosity in his teams and a willingness to think laterally and divergently about possibilities, as opposed to the linear and convergent thinking most used today. He constantly pushes the organization out of its safe space and challenging the status quo.

As a visionary, Aurelien, has the capacity to step just beyond his current understanding and do unprecedented things, often with little.
He is calculated risk-taker with a knack for building talented teams constantly be trying to develop concepts that put his current concept competitively human centered, advanced, affordable and disruptive.

Edge Vertical Focus

  • Health & Life Sciences

Edge AI Solution Use Case:

  • Human Wellness Monitoring

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