How Does it Work?

NÜPA™ AstroStrength™,  involves integrating various types of data, including electronic health records, wearables, and exercise data coming from the exercise-induced mechanical loading (EIML) device. AI/ML algorithms will then process and analyze this data to identify patterns and trends that may affect astronauts to Musculoskeletal Systems. NÜPA™ Astrostrength™, is enabled with Mixed-Reality offering to Astronauts (while exercising) a view of the real world—the physical world—with an overlay of the dashboard where physical and digital elements can interact.

The Musculoskeletal Health Monitoring System stands out as a beacon of innovation, reshaping how astronauts interact with their complex cyber-physical-space  while exercising during deep space mission.

The Benefits

For Space Travel

  • Increases motivation to exercise and provides astronauts a better tool for mitigating impact of microgravity, before during and after deep space travel.

On Earth

  • The solution combining all the data could be used for preventing Osteopenia (Osteoporosis), telerehabilitation and benefit people in remote or isolated places.

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