NÜPA™ Pharmaceutical Platform

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Controlled Dispensation
and Secure Transactions

Medicine dispensation is overseen by pharmacists or physicians to administer prescription or over-the-counter medications and wellness products.

Transactions are safe, confidential, and contactless using e-scripts.

Limitless Locations

Our pharmacy can reduce the time taken to administer medications or supplies, so both the clients and the pharmacists can save time and reduce visits.

Convenient pick-up options:
  1. Hospitals / Clinics / Care facilities
  2. Residential / Retirement homes
  3. Emergency / Military
  4. Public Spaces
  5. Other Remote Locations
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NÜPA™ Mobile App for Easy Prescriptions

Use our NÜPA™ mobile app to purchase over-the-counter medication and review prescribed medication. Once at the pharmacy, use the QR-scan to collect the product as assigned by your healthcare professional.