Digital Health Ecosystem

Our platforms provide healthcare professionals with decision support tools that facilitate remote patient care through real-time monitoring, telemedicine, and  prescription services.


NÜPA™ Remote Patient Monitoring

Pre-emptive monitoring and chronic care management are enabled by agile remote patient monitoring solutions and powered by state-of-the-art, research-based collective intelligence decision support.
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NÜPA™ Point of Care

A dashboard interface of the entire health data gathered from the NÜPA™ wearable(s) and point of care monitoring devices (connected IomTs/IoTs) and insights generated from the NÜPA™ mobile app.
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Decision Support System

The NÜPA™ Digital Health Ecosystem is continuously measuring and interpreting determinant of health and risk factors to show potential critical situations through collective intelligence and expert systems tools.
  1. Modified Early Warning Signs (MEWS)
  2. Modified Chronic Disease Risk Index (M-CDRI)
  3. Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale 21 (DASS 21)
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NÜPA™ Consultation Application (TeleMedicine)

Connects patients with professional healthcare providers to have a remote consultation, streamlining remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telemedicine.

It provides clinicians access to patients' vital signs data collected by the NÜPA™ wearable, NÜPA™ mobile app and point of care devices.
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NÜPA™ Pharmaceutical Platform

An application that allows pharmacists to deliver over-the-counter and prescription product dispensation to remote locations. The system integrates content delivery and edgeless connectivity.

A patient can use the NÜPA™ mobile app and QR-Scan to collect the product type and quantity as assigned by healthcare professionals on the NÜPA™ Health Ecosystem platform.
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Consistent, secure, data

Electronic Health Records

Developed based on HL7-FHIR and OpenEHR, the hybrid (Edge/Cloud) interoperable EHR has the ability for various systems, applications, and devices to exchange and use data in a coordinated way across organizational, regional, and provincial boundaries to provide seamless and timely data access and optimize patient care and healthcare facilities' performance.
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