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a healthier you.

Our digital healthcare system looks after your health and wellbeing by providing remote health monitoring with our NÜPA™ smart watches.

For PatientsFor CLinicians

Monitor physiological & behavioural signals Continuously


Modified Early Warning Signs.
Remote Self Monitoring of Vital Signs & Risk factors that are tracked automatically with our smart watch


Modified Chronic Disease Risk Index.
Based on Behavioural health determinants and risk factors entered manually by patient

Get the Help You Need

"I want to Monitor my Vitals Whenever I want"
"I Want a personalized service to fit my medical needs"
"I want to obtain more accurate health data"
"I want to improve health diagnosis"
I want real-time data to be automatically analyzed
"I want to receive remote healthcare monitoring"
"I want to improve work productivity"
"I want seamless Healthcare-to-patient connectivity"

Healthcare Vision Benefits


Real-time Monitoring.
Health care personnel can easily obtain data from clients / residents, interpret the data and act on it accordingly.


Improving Health Diagnosis.
Advanced data streams & AI technology can achieve more accurate results.


Meaningful Insights.
Using a Predictive, Preventative, Personalized and Participatory healthcare system.

Baüne's Healthcare Ecosystem

NÜPA Pervasive Healthcare Platform: paving the way for a pervasive, user-centered and preventive healthcare.

NÜPA WEARABLE + PATIENT MOBILE APPMonitoring Vital Signs + Behaviours

For Patients

NÜPA CLINICIAN WEBAPP + DIRECT HEALTH CAREReal Time Data Display + Remote health Monitoring

For CLinicians

Baüne Technologies used in Healthcare Solution

Context awareness
ambient intelligence
5g edge connectivity
cognitive (IoT)
Security at the edge
data analytics at the edge